Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am

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You need us. We need you. We all need Jesus.

We were made for connection.

What can you expect on a typical Sunday at Daily?

Enough said...

How could these things do anything but bring us together?! Join us as early as 9:45am each Sunday.
When a church prays together, Gods mighty works increase exponentially and His purposes move forward more rapidly.  Corporate prayer was a priority of Jesus, the disciples and the early church.  

Let’s pray together each Sunday, 10-10:15am.
James 4:8 - "Draw near to God and he will draw near to you."

Worship is a declaration that God is in the midst of all that is happening in our world today, a powerful weapon against any lie that says God is not in control or that he is not able. Worshiping together teaches us to submit and surrender all our cares to God – our priorities, plans, hopes, dreams, and even our fears.
The purpose of our worship is to know God more deeply. Whether we have been worshiping Him for one year or one hundred years, the purpose is the same. We worship God so that we can know Him more.

The Hebrew word for “know” does not mean to merely know Him intellectually. It means to know Him by experience. Since this is true, the only way to truly worship God is to know God. Therefore the more we know Him, the more we will want to worship Him. And the more we worship Him, the more deeply we will know Him.
Like family style dining, our gatherings provide an opportunity for everyone to “eat” at the same table.  This means that family members of all ages participate together. Coloring pages and crafts are available for small children and you will find a Mother & Infant room just outside our main gathering space.
Biblical teaching is a significant part of each of our gatherings.  Each teaching has implications of its own, however, we choose to teach most often through 3-6 week series.

These series allow us to build upon biblical truths in a more impactful way.  Regular participation is critical for us to be built up through Gods word.  Visit the MEDIA tab to catch up on current series content or go back for a refresher.

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am All Church Prayer
10:30 am Worship Gathering

Sunday Evenings

5:00 pm Youth Gathering